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A Gunn Show Productions is a startup production company that produces events that cultivate creativity and encourage community. AGSP also functions as a Creative Art Staffing Boutique that connects creatives and community organizations through a wide variety of services in art enrichment, event planning, and entertainment services.

I worked with AGSP for Summer 2019 through a virtual internship. The internship consisted of a refresh of their logo brand, an app mockup regarding their new website, a branding/promo bundle to promote their services and helped plan various creative workshops and showcased events by researching and reserving event spaces, recruited volunteers and booked creatives and musical talent.

*Their logo was created with an aux cord to represent "connection" with the community and how we can give back to them through art. 


Old Logo                    New Logo

Unfortunately, the application mockup is incomplete due to time constraints. But I was happy to be able to create a simple mockup for AGSP and have a small preview on what it could have been.


The challenges I faced while creating the app mockup on Adobe XD was finding the right structure for a unique UX experience. I had a lot of freedom to create the app but was very limited on time and what was appropriate for the mobile app. 

AGSP Application Mockup

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