Caslon Type Specimen


Poster Dimensions: 15" x 20" 

2 Page Booklet Design

This poster & cover was done for a school project at Columbia College Chicago.


This poster was created as a type specimen for the Typeface Caslon, designed in London, 1722  by William Caslon. I designed the poster to show the elegance and striking use of the letterforms with a 3 column grid. The booklet showcases the consistent use of enlarged letterforms from the poster, to give a significant dramatic presence. The color scheme was initially a lighter yellow or cream color and a brighter red, to give it an "ageless look" from the past. Then it was changed to a darker red and a brighter yellow to give it more a dynamic look. 


The poster cover for Caslon was also created to showcase the origins of the typeface and to showcase how much typography can bring two separate pieces of the project, together as a whole. 

I created a quick, fun gif using Adobe Photoshop for a school project continuing to showcase the type — Caslon through its unique symbol and variations of how it can be used.


The quote by William Caslon, "The beauty of type lies within its utility; prettiness without readability serves neither author nor reader."  

© 2020 by TERI PHAM 

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